Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Great Madison-Chicago 2008

With Captain Chris Nemeth painstakingly organizing us and the rest of the Fossil Velocity crew teaming up from the start in Madison to the finish at Montrose on Chicago's lakefront, it was another memorable effort by Fossil Velocity, once again the only team in orange and the only mixed-gender, 50-and-over team in the field. Dealing with our usual sleep deprivation, we also had potential thunderstorms, tornadoes, extreme heat and horrendous humidity to deal with. The latter two conditions may have set us back a bit, but we did not fail in our mission! In fact, on many legs, we were spot-on with our anticipated pace. Many teams know who we are now and gave us plenty of cheers along the way. We really stood out in many ways. Way to, go Fossils! I am humbled by the company I kept in this year's event. It was a privilege to participate. Here's to fellow Fossils Melissa Savage, Tim Belton, Keith Holzmueller, Jim Raymond, Michael Roberts, Charlie Shahbazian, Ian Hines, Nancy Rollins, Brian Norrick, Keith Burns and the aforementioned Chris Nemeth. It doesn't stop there. Special thanks to past Fossil participant Vinny Finneran for use of his van and for the much-needed water and good cheer on Leg 36. And special thanks to Nancy and Carle Rollins as well as Jeanine Ryding for their constant supply of liquids and encouragement throughout Leg 36. Also, a cheer for inactive Fossils (this year) Terry Nicola and Geoff Wilson for their support throughout the entire race buildup and the event itself. This is a family now after three terrific years. It is very special to all of us. We are lucky to know each other and have such an event to share as we grow older. Watch out for those runners in orange! Thanks again to The Runner's Edge. Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated.
The details: Final time -- 25 hours, 14 minutes, 45 seconds. Final placement overall -- 10th out of 103!
Three-time champions of the mixed-gender Grand masters (50-and-over) category. Of course!!

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